Usagi Yojimbo Book 21
The Mother of Mountains

Step-by-Step / Pas à pas du processus de création de la couverture
Usagi Yojimbo Book 21: The Treasure of the Mother of Mountains cover

 (Usagi Yojimbo livre 21 : Le trésor de la mère des montagnes)

By Stan Sakai / Par Stan Sakai
My apologies for the color shifts, especially when it comes to the white of the page. I attribute this to the various light conditions under which it was photographed.
  Stan s'excuse pour les variations de couleur notemment sur les blancs, liées à l'éclairage.


Original page here / page initiale ici

1--The idea sketch was roughed out in pencil on the back of the original art of UY #101, page 1. I wanted to use the three major characters--Usagi, Tomoe Ame, and Noriko--but did not want the art to look cluttered.

2--The pencil drawing was done on Strathmore 500 series, 5-ply, kid-finish bristol board. The image area is 7 3/4x 11 1/2 inches.

3--The image of Usagi is inked with a pen and Badger Black Opaque ink.

4--Tomoe, Noriko, and the interior box are inked with sepia ink.

5--Detail of inked figures.

6--The borders and the foreground figure are masked.

7--The art is airbrushed using Artist Colors (a pigmented, permanent, waterproof ink)--a muted yellow at the top, and burnt sienna at the bottom.

8--The background figures are painted, using burnt sienna and brown tones of Artist Colors.

9--Detail of background characters.

9a--A graduated tone is painted in the interior box.

9b--A burnt sienna tone is added to the bottom.

9c--The mask is peeled off the foreground figure.


9e--A light blue wash is painted over Usagi.

9f--Details are painted in.

9g--The mask is peeled off the borders, and Prismacolor pencils are used to punch up smaller areas, such as Usagi’s eyes. The cover is finished.

9h--Detail of the figures.

9i--The back of the artwork is titled, signed, and dated.

Cela donne au final :

Photos de fin devant le Mont saint Michel (2006, photo par Fanfan)

Quick sketch on paper table / Fanfan crayonné sur une nappe de table

First signing of Mother of Mountains / Première dédicace du livre :


Signing video / Video de dédicace (Paris 2007 at Manga Café)

Edition HardCover